Just Thinking

Sometimes there's lot to say, sometimes there isn't; Things that catch my mind land in this page.

“Choice is a child of power.”


Why read books about other people?

If they have a book about them, they have a story in it;
If they have their story in it, their problems are surely mentioned in it;
If someone’s problems are in a book, and yours isn’t – chances are that theirs is relatively big;
and exactly that – seeing a relatively huge problem – makes yours seem insignificant.

you say: “It’s all just this?! “

"Science Friday" Recommendations

“Science Friday” Recommendations (Photo credit: LollyKnit)

Did you go down?

1. Pick
2. Yourself,
3. up.

Believe in yourself, it's an option for others; 
But, a necessity for you.

2 important pillars

1. Responsibility,
2. Purpose.

Take any of these 2 off and everything falls apart.

Snippets of confession – 2

Left to myself, I complicate seemingly simple things.

I like it that way, it gives a better intellectual kick;

And, it’s not profitable, wise nor healthy.

Cardinal rule of competition is:

To not think about the competition.

“When you have to face the music, learn to dance.”

Sweat is a currency accepted everywhere.

Valentine’s Day

No girl,
No valentine,
No stuffed animals,
No cognitive dissonance,

No problem.

If otherwise, go ahead, knock yourselves out; who cares? 🙂

“The more you quench the thirst for exact information – the more thirst you feel.”